Check out our Gallery page for a closer look at the Rubyvale Caravan Park and some of the amazing bird life in the area.

Rubyvale Caravan Park Accommodation Rubyvale

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Have a great holiday in the bush.  Explore the Gemfields many attractions or just relax in the serenity of the Rubyvale caravan park.


We are centrally located in the heart of Rubyvale. A short walk to the General Store, Hotel, Café, Post Office, Jewellery shops and Gem Cutters. Underground tourist mines and fossicking areas. The Gemfields are unique in character and have much to offer. We can provide helpful hints for beginners on where to start and what to do. For a holiday that is different, visit the heart of the Gemfields, Rubyvale.


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Vanessa and Mick are the new owners of the Rubyvale Caravan park. Come and relax around the pool  at the Rubyvale Caravan park and leave the hussell and bussell behind you.​